Why is no one sharing your awesome content?


You’ve often heard the “Content is King!” meme. But why is no one sharing your excellent content that you’ve lovingly and carefully created?

The truth is that it is getting so highly competitive on the Internet that quality alone will not be enough to attract traffic. You can put in all your energy in creating the most awesome content in the world, but there is a high chance that no one will care, let alone share it with their friends and associates.


The Internet is so vast, and thanks to the Google Trap, every Internet business is fighting for consumers’ scarce attention by giving away awesome content free of charge. So, there are already plenty of awesome content out there. Yours is not the only one. In fact, awesome content is not remarkable and therefore, not worth sharing. So, what is the additional secret sauce to entice people to share yours?

The trick is to create content that makes them look good.

There are two reasons why people share stuffs on the Internet:

  1. They want to express who they are
  2. They yearn to be who they have not yet become

For example, create content that:

  • makes them look cool
  • helps them win arguments
  • enables them make a point that they’re passionate about
  • gives others the impression that they’re smart
  • expresses their identity
  • makes them appear knowledgeable
  • makes them look helpful

So, do you know which one of my articles in this website received the most shares? It’s not the one that I consider to contain the deepest insight (i.e the best quality). Rather, it is this article instead!

About the author

I am a Technology Consultant, whose passion is to help small businesses reach their full potential through mastery of digital technologies, strategies and marketing.