Is developing for Windows Phone worthwhile?

Considering that hardly anybody seems to be buying Windows Phones, is it worth developing apps for that platform at all? I think businesses that ignore the Windows Phone platform will be doing so at their own peril! Why? Let me explain… Starting from Windows Phone 8 (WP8), Microsoft has made a major technical shift in […]

iPad Mini

How does a half-baked computer (Apple iPad) become a roaring success?

No doubt, Apple’s iPad tablet computer is a roaring success. But it is also essentially a half-baked computer. Why and how did it succeed? I’ll answer this question today and the answer will have particular relevance to another very highly popular Internet Business strategy question: Should you create a mobile website or a smartphone app […]

How does Google make money if it gives away stuffs for free?

This article is an excerpt from my book titled, The Google Trap- How Internet Aggregators Enrich the 1%, Impoverish Creative People and Threaten to Decimate the Middle-Class. It is easy to understand how Amazon and Apple make money. They sell books, computers, software, apps, electronic gadgets, consumer goods, electronic books, music, video, and so on. For Amazon, another […]