Construction worker with iPad

Is online marketing really necessary?

Recently, a small business owner commented that many self-employed tradesmen are still successful despite not having any online presence. He saw that they just go about their business, getting the job done without having much idea about social media and the latest trends in online marketing and strategy. So, he put forth this provocative question: […]

Traditional Marketing Model

Why are you not able to sell? Part 1: Losing the Zero Moment of Truth

Traditionally, the model for marketing focus on these 3 stages: Stimulate, Shelf and Experience: In this traditional marketing model, the first stage is the Stimulus. This is when your potential customer first see your product (e.g. on a poster, television commercial). Then, once they their interest is stimulated, they proceed to the second stage, the […]

Has your business become an accidental spammer?

One day, when I was checking my Google Gmail’s spam folder I noticed one very striking ‘spam’ email. Guess who sent that ‘spam’? Google! It seems that Google’s spam filtering technology is so sensitive that it flagged its own emails as spam! If Google can’t even save its own emails from its own spam filter, […]

Internet marketing techniques alone will not get you ahead of the pack

There are lots of information and tips on the Internet on how to get your online business ahead of the crowd (e.g. 6 steps to getting more followers on xyz social media platform). Most likely, you would have received offers from Internet marketing gurus on information packages like the killer conversion strategies, hot traffic opportunities, […]

Why most marketing sucks- focus, focus and focus please!

Okay, I’ll be blunt today. Most marketing sucks. One of the biggest reasons why they don’t work is that they don’t focus on anyone and tries to attract everyone. This tie in with what I wrote yesterday about escaping the Google Trap, To please a gazillion eyeballs, you are, in effect, trying to please everyone. […]

Why is it a bad idea to send mass marketing emails yourself?

I used to advise an executive of a start-up company. He was all fired up to launch his first ever mass-email campaign to kick-start his new business. But I had my reservations. Firstly, I wasn’t sure of the legality of sending large numbers of unsolicited marketing emails. Since I’m not a lawyer, I left it […]