Why is no one sharing your awesome content?

You’ve often heard the “Content is King!” meme. But why is no one sharing your excellent content that you’ve lovingly and carefully created? The truth is that it is getting so highly competitive on the Internet that quality alone will not be enough to attract traffic. You can put in all your energy in creating […]

Revenue Comparison per active user - iOS vs Amazon vs Android

Who will be more willing to pay for your content?

If you are in the business of selling content, which types of users (Apple iBookStorere, Amazon Kindle or Google Play) should you target? Recently, the WSJ reported that Orbitz found that Apple Macs users tend to spend more on hotels. So it showed them different, and sometimes costlier, travel options. This generated a lot of […]

Which is more effective for SEO- quality content or brown-nosing?

When it comes to website traffic generation, the often repeated mantra is “Content, content, content!” Unfortunately, this mantra is crock. Many novices put up their most awe-inspiring content freely on their websites in the hope that Lady Luck will smile at them and let people magically find their wonderful works and spread the word about […]