Revenue Comparison per active user - iOS vs Amazon vs Android

Who will be more willing to pay for your content?

If you are in the business of selling content, which types of users (Apple iBookStorere, Amazon Kindle or Google Play) should you target? Recently, the WSJ reported that Orbitz found that Apple Macs users tend to spend more on hotels. So it showed them different, and sometimes costlier, travel options. This generated a lot of […]

How does Google make money if it gives away stuffs for free?

This article is an excerpt from my book titled, The Google Trap- How Internet Aggregators Enrich the 1%, Impoverish Creative People and Threaten to Decimate the Middle-Class. It is easy to understand how Amazon and Apple make money. They sell books, computers, software, apps, electronic gadgets, consumer goods, electronic books, music, video, and so on. For Amazon, another […]