Our Clients

Terence has helped complete a buisness vision profile and online presence for SpeakingAustralian.com.au. His committment is above reproach. Terence also helps with other aspects of business improvement and design through great contacts. He is an excellent facilitator of business consulting requirements, and understands detailed Customer requirements. I highly recommend him.

Thomas Cudmore
Speaking Australian

Terence is tech savvy, resourceful, a team player, as well as, a mobilizer. He finds ways on what would be most efficient and effective that fits the need of the project. I've enjoyed collaborating with him and would consult him again.

Bernee Lee
Design Thinker, Creative Director
Seeds Creative

I have been a satisfied client with eStrategyPro with setting my business's website. Terence never rushes me. In fact his understanding and degree of product and technical knowledge makes it a pleasure to be his client. The website looks exactly what I want and it's fantastic! I will tell all my friends and work associates when they need work system support and website set up. Congratulations Terrence and well done.

Noel Ching
Majestic Finance Services

Thank you Terence for the good work. You listened to what we wanted and delivered the results we needed. You are professional on keeping us informed every step of the way with excellent communication. We appreciate the level of support provided by you.

Wendy Jiao
Champion Accountants

This is Terence's cybersecurity business:

Experts like yourself keep peoples’ valuable assists safe. Wonderful work you’re involved with Terence.

Lissa Hiltunen
Success Coach Australia

I already knew Terence as the 'IT guy' from my work with Laureate as a Success Coach. But, when I needed someone to solve my complex IT problems when I launched, I connected with Terence to get some advise. That's when I got a huge shock. I NEVER REALISED HOW INCREDIBLY KNOWLEDGEABLE and HELPFUL TERENCE is as not only an 'IT guy' (who solved some really tricky website and on-line 'messes' for me), but as a provider of SO MUCH MORE to help my business run smoothly..(on-line business systems, cyber-security, B2B marketing solutions, and more). I am really SHOCKED that Terence is such a great guy, great 'IT guy' and expert in so many other much needed business related areas. SHOUT OUT to Terence - he really is a 'one stop shop' but so much more. 10/10 an 'IT guy, but so much more!' Thanks Terence. Amazing and helpful.

Liisa Hiltunen
Success Coach Australia