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How to mass geo-tag photos with GPS-less cameras?

Geotag Photos Pro

Most stand-alone cameras do not have GPS in them. So, is there any way to conveniently geo-tag every photos taken by them?

Geo-tagging is the process where you embed a GPS geographical location into a digital photo (e.g. in JPG, TIFF file format). Naturally, that implies that the photo was physically taken in that geographical location.

There are many reasons why you want to geo-tag photos. The most important reason is that it helps you to remember where the photos were taken. Nowadays, photo album apps can display the map were the geo-tagged photo were taken. This is particularly useful for those who takes lots of travel photos. Geo-tagging also allows your photo album apps to organise your photos according to location.

Since most smartphones have GPS built into them, they automatically geo-tag photos taken with their cameras. But if you’re using a stand-alone professional camera, most likely it wouldn’t have a GPS in it. Therefore, that camera wouldn’t be able to geo-tag its photos. So, how do you geo-tag such photos quickly and efficiently?

To solve this problem, you can use a dedicated GPS logger device. But a far much cheaper solution is to use a smartphone app to do that. Geotag Photos Pro is an app that can turn your smartphone into a GPS logger. It also have an accompanying software that pulls the photos from your camera and geo-tag all of them in one go. Here is how it works:

  1. Sync the time in your camera and smartphone.
  2. Launch Geotag Photos Pro and leave it running in the background.
  3. Start shooting awesome photos

To geo-tag your photos:

  1. Upload the recorded trip from your smartphone
  2. Open the accompanying software on your Mac or PC and load all your photos from your camera
  3. With one click, geo-tag all your photos.

Alternatively, you can also use Adobe Lightroom to geo-tag your photos.

You can get Geotag Photos Pro here.

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