How to gain the attention of a VIP without resorting to behaving like a RAVING NAKED LUNATIC?

Let’s say you want to reach out to a VIP. First, you need to gain his attention. Unfortunately, that is close to impossible. How do you solve this problem?

What doesn’t work nowadays

You can try emailing him. Chances are, you will be ignored. How about calling him on the phone? Nope, his cell phone number is probably not available to the public. Besides, even if you have his number, he will ignore or not return your call because your number is unknown to him. He will also probably not respond to your messages in social media.

Sure, you can definitely attract his attention by ambushing him and behaving like a raving naked lunatic. But you will not get far before being accosted away and sent to a mental asylum.

Is there still a way to reach out to him? Or should you just give up and accept that he is unreachable?

Actually, there is a way. It is one of the best-kept secrets of the world. You will almost definitely get his attention.

Why all these don’t work anymore?

In this digital age, sending messages via electronic means are cheaper, faster and more convenient than ever before. But as I wrote in Google Trap, in this age of information overload and non-stop interruptions, human attention is in short supply. For a VIP, their attention to you is even far scarcer than anyone else. That means, for all the speed and convenience of electronic communications, the human attention is the choke point that prevents your messages from getting through.

What is the solution?

Therefore, there is a case to strategically go back to snail mail once again. Snail mails are so scarce nowadays that they now become more effective at gaining the attention of a person. Personally addressed physical cards and letters are so rare today that if you receive one, you will be so pleasantly surprised and curious that you will open them. In contrast, we receive so many emails every day that most of them don’t get read at all.

But there is a reason why people don’t use this solution right?

The obvious problem with snail mail is the speed and inconvenience of having to take care of the logistics of mailing out physical letters and cards. That’s the reason why it is not often done.

What if we combine this solution with modern digital technology?

What if we combine the effectiveness of snail mail with the power of modern digital technology? Wouldn’t this be a potent combination?

Imagine a digital system whereby you can automate and schedule your physical card sending campaigns to all the VIPs that you want to reach out to. Imagine not having to do the printing, enveloping, stamping and mailing of physical cards. Imagine you can also customise the design of the cards with your own photo, layout, message and even your handwriting! Imagine each card can be personalised for each VIP. And more amazingly, imagine all these automated, customised and personalised card sending campaigns can be done literally in the palm of your hands using an app on your smartphone!

Does such a system exist?


In fact, there’s only one company in the world that provide such a strategic marketing tool. But you have to hurry. Not many people know about it. Therefore, whoever uses it first will have a strategic advantage over those who don’t.

What is the tool?

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