Turbo-boost your online presence with growth strategy

Strategy discussion

Your digital presence (e.g. website, social media pages) can be more than just a glorified business card/brochure. It can help you get new leads, persuade clients, enhance your reputation, increase your authority, and so on. Here, at eStrategyPro, we can provide you with advice on how to use your digital presence to grow your business. In other words, we help you with a strategy.

How we work with you

For this service, we follow the venture studio model. For those unfamiliar with this model, venture studios serve as a co-founder for businesses and provide critical services, advice, and expertise to guide them towards building a successful business. In exchange for our services, venture studios will take significant equity stakes (typically ranging between 25%-50%), reflecting their role as a co-founder, while also ensuring that the Founder incentives are aligned correctly.

If you do not wish to follow the venture studio model, you can remunerate us two ways:

  1. Advice: we provide advice as consultants at a rate of AU$150 per hour.
  2. Execution: we can help you execute our advice at a much lower market rate for professional skills.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.