Maintaining, updating and administering your web presence

Maintenance & Administration

We know that running and administering your online presence is a hassle.

You have to make sure that your web domains, email and cloud services and web hosting are set up correctly. You have to remember to renew your web domains and SSL certificates before they expire to avoid disruption of services. Then as your business grows, you will have people coming and leaving, which means you will have to add and delete email and cloud service accounts. As your business changes, your website's content will have to be updated to ensure that it remains up to date and relevant. The number of things you need to do is endless.

All these administration, maintenance and updates take away chunks of your valuable time when you are already starting to feel overwhelmed with busy-work. If you are not too technically inclined, you will have to spend even more time to research and work out how to do all these things.

So, how can we help?

Doing all these work is our business. We do it every day. We know what we are doing. And we can do it fast!

Furthermore, since we are the ones setting up, building and designing your website, we are best placed to help you. That's because we already have your nitty-gritty details (e.g. logins, passwords, settings, administrative web links) in our notebooks. All you need to just give us a call or send us an email and we will get the job done. Also, you don't have to worry about expiry dates and paying multiple invoices to multiple service providers. We will remind you of important expiry dates (e.g. domain expiry). You pay just one invoice to us and we make sure all the other service providers are paid and work together to ensure your online presence runs like clockwork.

So, how does it work?

It works like a prepaid mobile broadband Internet plan. You pre-pay for our time to do work for you. Each unit of prepayment is worth 1 hour of our time. Each unit costs $50. The units have no expiry.

To show you an example of how it works in real life, here is what will typically happen:

Date Event Account Balance (mins)
1st August Prepaid 1 unit at $50 60 minutes
15th August 5 minutes spent on a minor website update. 55 minutes
1st September Account balance carry over from previous month 55 minutes
7th September 12 minutes spent on minor website update 43 minutes
29th September 42 minutes spent on major website update 1 minutes
After 29th
Account balance is close to zero. Therefore, a top up necessary to minimise delays in the future when work needs to be done. 1 minutes
30th September Prepaid 2 units at $100 121 minutes

How to get started?

Contact us and we will go from there.