FaceTune demo

Don’t wait for the perfect shot. FaceTune it!

FaceTune demo

Imagine you had just used your smartphone camera to take a portrait photo that doesn’t show you in a flattering light. Maybe your hair wasn’t done properly, or your teeth weren’t white enough, or there were some blemishes on your face. Perhaps there’s some bald or grey patch on your hair, or you didn’t smile enough.

In theory, if you have a computer (that has Photoshop installed), plenty of time and good Photoshop skills, you can transform your portrait to give yourself a perfect face. Or you can pay a good digital artist to do it for you. But what if you are in a hurry and you only have your smartphone with you?

Fear not! There’s an app to solve this problem for you. It’s FaceTune. It’s a very powerful and yet simple to use photo editing app that runs on tablets and smartphones. It is specially designed for handling portrait photos.

With simple swipes of your hand, you can use FaceTune to give your skin a smooth and glowing look. You can easily remove wrinkles and small blemishes and whiten your teeth. You can adjust the details to emphasise your eyes or lips to accentuate the best areas of your face. And if you didn’t smile enough, you can use FaceTune’s reshape tool to alter your facial expression and structure. If you’ve not been sleeping well, FaceTune can remove these pesky dark circles and instantly rejuvenate your look to appear fresh, as if you’ve just had your beauty sleep. For those with patches of grey and balding hair, FaceTune give you a full, youthful and natural-looking head of hair. In addition to modifying your face, it also offers a range of filters and effects made to perfect images that are too dark, too light or in need of colour adjustment.

You can download FaceTune for iPhone here. If you have an iPad, you may want to download the iPad version of FaceTune instead because it will give you larger screen estate for finer control.

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