Madness of chasing Twitter ‘popularity’ for zero authority

A few years ago, one of my friends excitedly came to me, exclaiming, “You know what? The Prime Minister [of Australia] is following me on Twitter!!!” Back then, Kevin Rudd was the Prime Minister and he was known to be a workaholic. So, if a workaholic Prime Minister decides to follow you on Twitter, it […]

Why most marketing sucks- focus, focus and focus please!

Okay, I’ll be blunt today. Most marketing sucks. One of the biggest reasons why they don’t work is that they don’t focus on anyone and tries to attract everyone. This tie in with what I wrote yesterday about escaping the Google Trap, To please a gazillion eyeballs, you are, in effect, trying to please everyone. […]

Dreaming of becoming a professional blogger? Snap out of it!

For those of you who are dreaming of becoming a professional blogger, this article will dash your dream. In my previous article, “Is blogging a dead way of making money?”, I made the case that if blogging is the strategy of your business, then your business is in trouble. To give you a better appreciation […]

6 secret tricks to seize the competitive advantage for your e-store

A lot of Internet sales strategies focus on the techniques of making customers buy from you. Over the years, e-commerce practitioners have developed highly optimised ways to ‘convert’ website visitors into buyers. They have perfected the art of enticing potential customers before the sale using the most scientifically driven method called “A/B Testing”. But unfortunately […]

Robery Kiyosaki Brand Commodity

How did Robert Kiyosaki avoid becoming a commodity? Part 1: Stumped!

In 1996, Robert Kiyosaki was preparing his Cashflow game for final production, ready for commercial use, when he encountered a very serious business problem. The question was, how much would someone pay for that product? The first problem he faced was that the product might look too much like a game for entertainment rather than […]

What’s worse than having no social media strategy?

One day, during a consultation session, a consultant of some unnamed company asked his client, “Do you have a telephone strategy?” His client was dumbfounded. “What do you mean by telephone strategy??? We don’t have one! How on earth are you supposed to have a telephone strategy? The telephone is just a communication tool. It’s […]