iPad Mini

How does a half-baked computer (Apple iPad) become a roaring success?

No doubt, Apple’s iPad tablet computer is a roaring success. But it is also essentially a half-baked computer. Why and how did it succeed? I’ll answer this question today and the answer will have particular relevance to another very highly popular Internet Business strategy question: Should you create a mobile website or a smartphone app […]


Madness of chasing Twitter ‘popularity’ for zero authority

A few years ago, one of my friends excitedly came to me, exclaiming, “You know what? The Prime Minister [of Australia] is following me on Twitter!!!” Back then, Kevin Rudd was the Prime Minister and he was known to be a workaholic. So, if a workaholic Prime Minister decides to follow you on Twitter, it […]

Google vs Facebook

Why is Google so scared of Facebook?

When you think of the greatest threat to Google, who do you think of? The first thing that comes to many people’s mind is Bing, Microsoft’s search engine. However, in my opinion, Bing is not Google’s greatest strategic threat. Yes, they may keep Google competitive but they are just a slight irritant to Google. The […]

How does Google make money if it gives away stuffs for free?

This article is an excerpt from my book titled, The Google Trap- How Internet Aggregators Enrich the 1%, Impoverish Creative People and Threaten to Decimate the Middle-Class. It is easy to understand how Amazon and Apple make money. They sell books, computers, software, apps, electronic gadgets, consumer goods, electronic books, music, video, and so on. For Amazon, another […]

Another SEO company smashed by Google’s penalty

In my previous article, Too much SEO and Google will penalize your site, I wrote that this is going to cause a lot of angst for SEO companies. True enough, BuildMyRank.com got smashed on the 19th March 2012. They announced this terrible news to their clients, Unfortunately, this morning, our scripts and manual checks have […]