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How Dave Pascoe bio-hack his epigenetic age from 61 to 37

Look at the man above.

He is Dave Pascoe and he is 61. But his epigenetic age is only 37.

At an annual rate of 0.66, he is ageing only a bit faster than Bryan Johnson. This is an explanation of his biohacking procedure and its price, which is significantly less than you may imagine. Seven main pillars make up Dave’s protocol. He simply has to pay $30,000 a year for it. Bryan Johnson spends about $2 million. In order to create a “affordable” regimen, he studied books, podcasts, and other sources. He regularly performs bloodwork to gauge the efficacy.

Taking a closer look at the seven pillars:


Dave no longer uses BioOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough; he used to use it.

To promote healing and brain function, he gets 8 hours of (real) sleep every night and doesn’t use an alarm.

I take half a serving of Momentous Elite Sleep to help me fall asleep and a serving of Quicksilver LipoCalm to help me stay asleep. I find them really beneficial to me and hasn’t caused any drowsiness or other side effects. I also don’t use an alarm clock and wake up according to my natural circadian cycle.


Dave works out several times a day to enhance insulin and glucose regulation, assist clear up cellular waste accumulation, and all three.

To increase blood flow, he begins with a BEMER (bio-electric-magnetics-energy-regulation) mat session.

Not too long afterwards, he finishes this circuit:

  • 5 min mini-trampoline cardio
  • 15 min floor stretches for the back, hips, legs, and shoulders
  • 5 min Inversion Table Stretch
  • 15 min foam roller for deep massage

Later in the morning:

  • CAROL (CARdiovascular Optimization Logic) bike sprint
  • Morning run—outside if it’s warm, on a treadmill if it’s cold
  • Indoor P90X workout
  • TapoutXT home training program for core development

Dave uses a balancing board in the evening to improve his general body balance.


Dave prefers his meals to be completely “clean” and devoid of harmful substances like colouring, artificial flavours, preservatives, microplastics, etc.

In addition, he supplements his meals with proteolytic enzymes to improve nutritional absorption and digestion.

Here’s a look at his meal plan:



  • 1 green banana
  • 4 Serving spoonfuls of his homemade “Chia Nut Berry Bowl”


  • One green banana
  • 4-egg omelet with arugula and precooked mushrooms


Dave has lunch a few times during the week.

When he does, it usually consists of one or more cans of seafood items (such as oysters or sardines), an avocado, green apple, pear, orange, baby carrot, and some celery stalk soup made from chicken or cow bones.


Dave has a protein, large salad, and sides.

Protein options:

  • Slow-cooked chuck roast or pork ribs
  • Salmon or grass-fed beef (grilled with NuWave infrared oven)
  • Instant Pot pressure-cooked chicken breasts

Side options:

  • Instant Pot precooked sweet potatoes, yam, acorn squash, mushrooms, and rice
  • Steamed broccoli

Every meat is grass-fed and organic. Butter that has been grass-fed is poured over the rice, mushrooms, and vegetables.

When Dave goes out to dine, he chooses low-carb dishes that aren’t deep-fried, have lots of veggies, and don’t have any sauce that has been sweetened.


Each day, Dave takes more than 150 vitamins.

These are the top 25 supplements that he suggests:

Limited environmental exposure

Toxic substances that enter our bodies hasten the ageing process.

How Dave responds to this:

  • Filtered water and air at home
  • Daily-use products (health, beauty, and cleaning) free from harmful ingredients
  • Cookware, food storage, and drink containers free of toxic substances
  • Limited exposure to exhaust, fumes, air fresheners, etc.

Infrared Sauna

Dave visits a sauna every day for 25 to 45 minutes.

This is to enhance heat-shock proteins, boost growth hormones, and eliminate interstitial build-up and toxins.

Cold exposure

Dave uses techniques like cold plunges and chilly living areas to boost immunity and lessen inflammation.

That is a summary of Dave’s procedure.

Though it’s intricate, he’s not a machine. He intends to watch Netflix. He’ll take pleasure in a beer. He’ll put others’ needs ahead of his own, even if it occasionally “breaks” regulations.

Most significantly, though, he doesn’t contract out his health. He takes it personally, as everyone ought to.

Concluding remarks:

  • You might not want or have $30k to invest on such a comprehensive plan each year. That’s alright, start small.
  • Rejuvenation has an amazing future ahead of it; brilliant brains like Dave and Bryan are producing amazing things.
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