How can you exploit information overload to your advantage?

Thanks to the Google Trap, the world is awash with too much free and useless information and updates, resulting in indecisive procrastination and analysis paralysis. For your businesses, the implication is lost sales as potential customers procrastinate indefinitely. What can you do in response? To answer this question, let’s take a look at how some […]

Which is more effective for SEO- quality content or brown-nosing?

When it comes to website traffic generation, the often repeated mantra is “Content, content, content!” Unfortunately, this mantra is crock. Many novices put up their most awe-inspiring content freely on their websites in the hope that Lady Luck will smile at them and let people magically find their wonderful works and spread the word about […]

Are you cultivating your personal authority with Google AuthorRank?

You’ve heard of PageRank as an indicator of a website’s authority. But have you heard of AuthorRank—an indicator of your personal authority? For those who are uninitiated, PageRank is basically an algorithm to rank the importance of websites/web-pages. Websites that are more important will be more likely to rank higher in search results (other factors […]

Traditional Marketing Model

Why are you not able to sell? Part 1: Losing the Zero Moment of Truth

Traditionally, the model for marketing focus on these 3 stages: Stimulate, Shelf and Experience: In this traditional marketing model, the first stage is the Stimulus. This is when your potential customer first see your product (e.g. on a poster, television commercial). Then, once they their interest is stimulated, they proceed to the second stage, the […]

Should you create a mobile website or mobile app for your business?

If you are considering setting up an online mobile presence, you have 2 options—mobile website or mobile app. Which one should you go for? For those who are uninitiated to the difference between the two, a mobile website is basically a website that is specially designed for the small screens (e.g. in smart-phones) and/or touch-screens. […]

iPad Mini

How does a half-baked computer (Apple iPad) become a roaring success?

No doubt, Apple’s iPad tablet computer is a roaring success. But it is also essentially a half-baked computer. Why and how did it succeed? I’ll answer this question today and the answer will have particular relevance to another very highly popular Internet Business strategy question: Should you create a mobile website or a smartphone app […]