FaceTune demo

Don’t wait for the perfect shot. FaceTune it!

Imagine you had just used your smartphone camera to take a portrait photo that doesn’t show you in a flattering light. Maybe your hair wasn’t done properly, or your teeth weren’t white enough, or there were some blemishes on your face. Perhaps there’s some bald or grey patch on your hair, or you didn’t smile […]

Privacy Surveillance Spy

Why you absolutely need privacy even if you are absolutely clean?

Recently, privacy has become a hot topic after the whistleblower, Snowden, revealed a clandestine electronic surveillance program by the NSA. Since then, there was a marked increase in interest in privacy related technologies. Still, a survey showed that most Americans are fine with what the NSA is doing. Unfortunately, from this survey, it shows that […]


Secret of using LinkedIn to gain power and influence

Let’s face it. Most of us are not using LinkedIn properly. We mostly let it lie fallow and probably don’t know how to use it to gain power and influence. In this article, I will show you what you should be doing on LinkedIn that you’re probably not doing right now. If you use LinkedIn […]


Why giving your work away for free will still make you obscure?

Obscurity is a great threat to those who makes a living through the Internet. Is giving your work away for free the answer to this problem? Today, as more and more individuals, organisations and businesses are plugged in deeper and deeper into the Internet, the threat of obscurity gets stronger and stronger for businesses, creative […]